Founded in 1989, CNNC HUAYUAN Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd is the leading Titanium Dioxide  powder producer in China which first introduced foreign advanced technology and key equipments. It is mainly engaged in the production, marketing and service of Titanium Dioxide powder .

With the deep implementation of the reform and opening-up policy and further development of the market economy, driven by the strategy of “going global”, it has carried out a series of crucial measures, such as technology reforming and capacity expansion, addition of new production lines and introduction & assimilation of new technology to continuously optimize production and management. Through years of efforts, products from CNNC HuaYuan have been sold domestic and abroad. In 2007, it succeeded in listing at Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The vigorous support of China’s capital market has created opportunity for its further future development.

In the wake of the further development of China’s economy and intensified competition, in order to acclimatize itself to the features of the increasing industry concentration and the requirement of enterprises to become bigger and stronger,CNNC HuaYuan formally initiated the major asset restructuring of the issue of shares to buy assets and to raise the matching funds in 2012. As of the end of February in 2013, through mergers and acquisitions, CNNC HuaYuan became a group company which now boasts several titanium dioxide powder production plants bases and its capacity has exceeded 200,000 tons and keeps increasing.

At the same time, the company established group science and technology center which undertakes the development and research of new products and their application research in order to provide its customers with better products and services and understand the real needs of the downstream industries.