EVANS CHEMETICS manufactures ORGANIC DIVALENT SULFUR CHEMICALS and is now together with BRUNO BOCK as parent company the worldwide leading producer of Thioglycolic Acid and 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid and their derivitives.

Additionally Thiodipropionic Acid and its esters are produced as antioxidants.

EVANS CHEMETICS also manufactures a number of specialty sulfur chemicals being the worldwide leading producer of Thioglycerol, Sulfoethyl Methacrylate  and others. Our products find applications in hair care, cosmetics, food packaging, food additive, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and many other uses.

EVANS CHEMETICS distributes in the USA specialties produced by its parent company BRUNO BOCK. On the other hand BRUNO BOCK acts as Only Representative of EVANS CHEMETICS to supply our specialties according REACH regulation in Europe.