FedChemô is a global leader in the production of aluminium organic based products for use in the grease industry. The quality of Kolate grease products has helped establish FedChemô as a leading provider of aluminium organic based solutions for industry.

Fedchemís sales, technical and production teams work closely with customers to solve their problems. They find innovative solutions by tailoring products according to stringent customer specifications. The state-of-the-art laboratories at FedChemô allow scientists and technicians to apply the latest technologies in developing new products.

FedChemís Bethlehem, Pennsylvania plant ships products all over the world. From a single drum to tanker load, quality is the foremost concern.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, FedChemô is a wholly owned subsidiary of Federal Process Corporation.

Grease manufacturers need a system that is tough enough to help withstand the most extreme operating conditions while remaining versatile enough for almost any application. When used to formulate a final grease product Kolate can impart a wide variety of characteristics...making aluminium complex grease one of the best and most economical choices for meeting rigorous application requirements.

Consider aluminium complex greases for...

Excellent water resistance.

Good pump-ability.

High dropping point.

Ability to restructure after excursions above melting point.

Long service life.

Excellent surface adhesion.

No alcohol release in the production process.