A global manufacturer of innovative, leading-edge, chemistry solutions for the industrial polymer and coatings sectors. Hands-on collaboration, unparalleled technical support and deep competency in ester chemistry help Hallstarís customers realise their new product development vision.

Hallstar is a market leader in the design and synthesis of new ester chemistries, with numerous products in commercial production. Decades of expertise on both the commercial and technical sides of ester plasticisers has given Hallstar a vast storehouse of knowledge that is used to customise solutions. 

Hallstarís innovative Plasthallģ PR-Series of plasticisers are on the leading edge of phthalate replacement technology. With environmental and toxicity concerns becoming more critical, the desire to remove phthalates from polymer compounds around the globe is rapidly increasing, especially with DOP, BBP and DBP now banned by the European Union. The natural progression for most compounders was to Di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) and Di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP).   Phthalate esters as a whole are now falling out of favour, especially when used in childrenís toys, medical goods and food contact products.

Hallstar can design custom ester plasticisers using its proprietary Paraplex Approach. The Paraplex Approach is a molecular design system developed by Hallstar to characterise and synthesise plasticiser solutions for well-defined customer performance requirements. Through the use of existing performance data, application knowledge and the latest in computer technology, raw materials can be rapidly adjusted in precise combinations to create a plasticiser that solves critical performance issues.

Hallstar esters for acrylic/polyacrylate resins have low VOC content and do not contain phthalates, providing more environmentally acceptable options for adhesive, sealant and coating applications. Many of these products meet indirect food contact guidelines for a range of applications.

With emphasis on low VOC, Hallstar has developed ester based coalescents and solvents to support next generation regulatory requirements. These products provide low Tg, high efficiency, and excellent compatibility with a range of resins.