Kusumoto’s paint additives, DISPARLON, have contributed and will continue to contribute to the quality improvement of coatings.

In 1956, Kusumoto’s Additive Division started production and sales of DISPARLON, highly functional additives developed on original technologies of rheology control, dispersion, and interface control. The additives have contributed to solving problems in a wide range of advanced resin technologies, primarily in paints, establishing a firm position as the industry standard brand. DISPARLON is used in a wide range of applications including printing inks, sealants, and adhesives in addition to paints for automobiles, ships, heavy-duty coatings and buildings.

Kusumoto recently established environmentally responsive highly functional technology, developing new products for other technological fields as well as strengthening application services (technology consulting) to support customer applications and offering the best solution. Kusumoto will create custom-made products and support the world market with a line of over 200 products.

Typical applications of DISPARLON are:

  • Thixotropic agents (Anti-sagging agent / Anti-settling agent)

  • Dispersants

  • Anti-foaming agents / Anti-popping agents

  • Anti-cratering agents / Levelling agents

  • Electrostatic additives

Environmentally focussed R&D has established and commercialised environmentally responsive and highly functional technologies in aqueous, powder, non-VOC, and UV hardening systems.