Polygel Industries Private Limited started in 1996 and with over 40 speciality chemicals to offer including an array of Organic Titanates.

Polygel’s Pureti Organic Titanates, with their unique formulae, mark a visible and technical difference to the property of printing inks and are used to improve crosslinking and adhesion with substrates and to promote the quality of the coating.

Quality has always been a driving factor for the Company. Polygel, an ISO 9001:2000 company strictly follows the “Indian Green Building Council” guidelines and adheres to it. R&D relentlessly creates products using state-of-the-art testing, analytical equipment and manufacturing processes employing state-of-the-art technology available from Germany, Japan and the USA to offer optimum solutions to customer needs.

Polygel Specialities is a division of Polygel Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing Organic Titanates under the brand name PUREti.

  • Tetra N Butyl Titanate Monomer

  • Tetra Iso-Propyl Titanate Monomer

  • Tetra 2 Ethyl Hexyl Titanate

  • Poly Butyl Titanate

  • Butyl Titanium Phosphate

  • Titanium Acetyl Acetonate Chelate (TAA-65)

  • Titanium Acetyl Acetonate Chelate (TAA-75)

  • Titanium Acetyl Acetonate Chelate (TAA-105)

  • TPT/TNBT Mixture (TPT-20B)

  • Tetra N-Butyl Iso-Propyl Titanate (BIPT)

  • TX100,TX200,TX300, PS, PS4, GBA, GBO, TNPT

Organic Titanates uses are to: 

  • Improve film properties of wire enamels and coatings

  • Augment adhesives, printing inks and various coatings

  • Catalyse esterification, trans-esterification and polymerisation reactions

  • Reduce fragility of glass and improve scratch resistance

  • Improve adhesion and conductivity properties of electronics and reduce metal oxidation