Vanderbilt has been serving the ceramics and refractories industry since the early 1920's when the South Carolina clays pioneered the replacement of imported kaolin. Today, Vanderbilt Minerals markets minerals and chemicals that are used globally in the manufacture of quality refractory and ceramic products.

Vanderbilt's paints & coatings offers mineral fillers, thixotropes and chemical additives for Solvent-Borne and Water-Borne interior and exterior architectural paints and coatings. Primers and top coats can be formulated with our products.

VAN GEL® Magnesium Aluminum Silicate and VEEGUM® Magnesium Aluminum Silicate products are naturally occurring smectite clays that have been water-washed to optimize purity and performance. They are used as suspension stabilizers, emulsion stabilizers and thickeners in a variety of aqueous compositions. These clays are often used in synergistic combinations with organic gums, such as VANZAN® Xanthan Gum, and polymeric thickeners.

The strength of Vanderbilt's the Rubber Department ies in a nearly century-long reputation and the quality and commitment of products and people. Armed with the strength of R & D and application labs, a dedicated technical sales force, manufacturing plants and supply partners, Vanderbilt will continue to fulfil customers' expectations for many years to come.

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